Sunday, December 28, 2008

Makin' Philly Smile .....

So, what does it take to do to draw a cheer from what one writer once described as the worst sports fans ever? Well, we sure found out this evening.

Trying to describe the nature of Philadelphia sports fans, Hunter S. Thompson once wrote something to the effect they would boo a rescue at sea, and throw empty beer bottles at the lifeboats. Perhaps ... they sure were like that when I attended games at the old Veterans Stadium ... and I doubt it's changed all that much in the new digs.

But, fans in Philly have been known to cheer, too ... as was demonstrated in this afternoon's National Football League matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles and the visiting Dallas Cowboys. Even without the playoff implications of the game's outcome, it was going to be exciting - the Eagles are one of a number of teams that 'play up' when the Cowboys are on the other side of the ball ... and Philly's fans have always reserved a special place in their collective bowels for the 'Pokes.

If there appeared to be an inordinate amount of cheers emenating from the stands, it was because, "
the Philadelphia Eagles overcame daunting odds to capture an NFC wild-card spot with a dominating 44-6 victory over the Dallas Cowboys."

Sure, there was some booing going on among the Philly faithful ... but that was reserved for Terrell Owens ... which is understandable - I've felt like booing him once or twice myself, no matter what team's uniform he was wearing.


Bleu said...

I kinda like it when TO gets his "come-uppens" ... TO doesn't play for the Cowpokes, he plays for himself. I long for the days when Tom Laundry and Roger Dodger Staubach were there, those were guys that you could respect.

Jeff said...

Bleu, I never met Landry. But I did meet/work with Staubach once on a public service annopuncement in north Dallas, and liked him A LOT, a gentleman off the field, as well as a gifted athlete on the field.