Saturday, May 17, 2008

Taking to the Airwaves .....

Midland is not the only Texas community where people are debating the subject of drilling rigs inside city limits. That debate is also under way in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. This weekend, one side of that debate took to the airwaves in north Texas.

This in the form of "Citizens of the Shale," a 30-minute newsmagazine produced by Chesapeake Energy and set for multiple airings on six major stations in the DFW market. (You can watch the program yourself, online, by clicking on that CotS link)

The program is airing in conjunction with a major online effort by Chesapeake to engage in the debate over 'urban drilling,' and to promote its stand on the issues.

Opponents of urban drilling are also having their say. Some are reaching out through the media, such as this article that appeared last month in the Texas Observer. They are also going online through organizations such as Fort Worth Citizens Against the Drilling Ordinance, or FWCanDo.

Me? I'm wondering how long before our Fort Worth e-friend, Cowtown Patty at Texas Trifles weighs-in on the topic. THAT could be interesting.


Cowtown Pattie said...

A partial answer to your question is posted this evening at TT.

As far as the Barnett Shale and "Chesapuke" are concened, the train has already left the station and powers on through the countryside with a full bellow of black smoke.

The last and final discussion will be to how best tame the beast.

Jeff said...

Thanks for stopping in, Miss Pattie. And thanks for sharing one Citizen of the Shale's opinion ..... though I suspect it may not be included in the company's next newsmagazine.