Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dang, It's Hot .....

I, for one, get little consolation from the knowledge that it's a DRY heat. Wet or dry, sometimes hot is just that ..... hot!

I wish we could at least have some rainfall to go with it. One summer, when I was a seasonal employee for the BLM in southeast Arizona, every mid-afternoon was a 100+ scorcher. But then, in the late afternoon, the clouds would start forming over the Gila River valley and the neighboring mountains, and 'the monsoons' would make their daily visit ..... brief, hard and refreshing.

The thermometer in the truck said 104° when I picked up Younger Son from school Friday afternoon. It said 107° when we got over to the
Sonic on Big Spring Street (just in time for their 'Happy Hour') for half-price Slushes. The place was full, and stayed full, as folks poured in for a brief respite from the heat.

I remain hopeful, though, that relief may be on the way. According to the latest from Darrell at
NewsWest 9, a 'cold front' is on it's way ..... and next week's temperatures could plummet all the way down into the 90s!

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