Friday, May 16, 2008

A Day in the Life .....

Perhaps the most unique, the most intriguing use of the blogosphere in West Texas continues to be Bob's ongoing, online journal, "Ran with the devil, Walked with angels" .....

"I am a survivor. That's what those of us with Traumatic Brain Injuries call ourselves," Bob explains. "Because I often can't remember yesterday, this journal serves as my memory. I have decided to share my life to help others understand this disability. Your comments are always welcome. Tell your friends about my blog if you find it interesting."

And it IS interesting. Bob is actually one of the most prolific bloggers in West Texas ..... it's just him, and the material is entirely his original composition.
His latest post covers a frequent topic, a day in the life of a Martin County farming couple ..... their long days filled with many tasks, the expected rigors, the unexpected problems, and the awesome sunsets ..... all of it with the added uncertainty that he'll remember any of this on the following day.

It is definitely worth your visit.

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