Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Week #2 of Top Chef: BBQ Bust .....

..... as for reality TV I can REALLY sink my teeth into .....

I'm a little late - again! - getting to this, but Season 3 of
Top Chef continued to set an entertaining pace with its second episode. The series airs Wednesday nights at nine o'clock (central) on Bravo TV.

This week's episode must give us Texans - both natives, and those of us who got here as fast as we could - cause to pause and wonder. The elimination challenge was barbecue ..... true, it was upscale barbecue ..... but, still, you'd think the Texans among the contestants would have owned it (as was suggested by last week's elimination challenge winner, Tre).

Not so, y'all! Neither of the Texans made it into the top tier, and one of them (the aforementioned Tre) made it into the bottom tier from which one of the contestants is sent home ..... this week, it was Sandee, an executive chef from South Beach's Tantra restaurant. This followed an interesting discussion among the judge over who to send home ..... Sandee's entry was upscale, but not barbecue; while the entry from another contender for elimination, Joey, was barbecue, but not upscale.

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