Thursday, June 14, 2007

It's Not Just About Al Gore .....

..... but about all of us, when we accept without question what we read, or what we are told. Thanks to Frank at Books, Inq. for the link to this piece by Andrew Ferguson at the Washington Post about a quote that has been attributed - erroneously - to Abraham Lincoln for the past 120 years ..... most recently in Al Gore's new book, "Assault on Reason." I am - BY NO MEANS - a Lincoln scholar. But, as I read that statement, I was thinking that it just did not 'sound like' Lincoln to me. That, in itself, would have set me to wondering.

I suspect, though, that no amount of scholarship or publicity will ever make this quote go away ..... just ask any reporter who's been asked to do something for the poor Craig Shergold boy, and his dream of being in the record book.

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