Friday, April 24, 2009

Socker Soccer Night, 6

And that's a wrap. A hard-played, but scoreless draw between the West Texas Sockers and Soles de Ciudad Juarez. About 2,000 people in attendance, tonight, including a good number here to cheer for the visitors ... the game has a strong fan base in Mexico, and in the Mexican-American community, which is one reason you see so many FMF jerseys around this part of the country. Tomorrow night, another Mexican team, Municipality of Juarez, takes the field against the Sockers.

A couple of notes on off-field matters ... a couple weeks back, I raised some concerns about the ball boys, and their activities on the sidleines - MUCH improved this time around, with the kids staying put, and staying focused on the game ... Next, even by the scheduled game time, the weather had taken a mild turn, and made for a pleasant evening ... And finally, when we have an international friendly such as this, maybe we should have that country's national anthem on file to play during the opening - they do it in baseball, and it's a nice touch.

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