Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Celebrate Earth AND Space .....

"Earth Day is a great day to celebrate our planet, reflect on new ways to protect it - and widen your planetary perspective as well," Alan Boyle writes in this post at Cosmic Log.

"To mark the occasion, you can download the latest goodies from the Hubble Space Telescope, send out personalized postcards of our home planet and catch one of the season's best sky shows."

"It turns out that the 40th annual observance of Earth Day on April 22 is just one reason to celebrate: Wednesday also marks the peak of the spring season's best-known meteor shower, the Lyrids. Then, on Friday, Hubble officially turns 19 years old - and that's why so many treats from outer space are being made available this week."
CLICK HERE for the rest of Boyle's post on ways to maximize your cosmic celebration.

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