Friday, April 24, 2009

More Socker Soccer ...

Tonight finds me on an evening out with friends and family, enjoying an international challenge for West Texas' pro soccer venture. The West Texas Sockers kickoff tonight at Grande Stadium.

The Sockers will face Soles de Cd. Juarez, beginning at 7:30 p.m. at Grande, in the latest of a series of exhibition games the Sockers will play before opening the regular season on May 2 at El Paso.

A few months back, I expressed my support on this blog for such a venture, and went on to purchase season tickets as soon as they were available. There's still time to get YOUR tickets ... call (432) 520-2255 for more information.

As any fan of the beautiful game can tell you, it's played with a special passion in Mexico. And Elder Son can tell you, from first-hand experience, they have a VERY GOOD pitch on which to play. We're looking forward to tonight's game.

We shall not, we shall not be moved,
We shall not, we shall not be moved,
Just like the team, that's gonna win the cup!
We shall not be moved.
(with apologies to fans of Man-U)

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