Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Sample of Earth Day Media .....

It would be hard to find an outlet, in any medium, that does not have something about Earth Day. One sample, and one of the most far-reaching can be found at

It's described as, "the digital home of NBC Universal's commitment to bring an environmental perspective to our networks, our platforms, our audiences, our communities ... in fact, to everything we do."

Nothing new, here ... many of you have seen the green icons in the corner of your television screen while watching a Universal-related product ... and there are A LOT of those. But it does have special empasis this time of year. According to its website, "two times of the year, Green is Universal incorporates environmentally themed content across NBC Universal's multiple platforms. Earth Week always occurs in April and Green Week always occurs in November."

And a look at the "NBCU Green Sites" running down a column on the right-hand side of the pages, gives you an idea just how far their message can reach ... impressive, to say the least.

Whether it earns your love, your hate or your indifference ... is well worth at least an exploratory visit on your part.

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