Saturday, May 26, 2007

Dear BBC-America .....

Please ... PLEASE ..... PLEASE ..... announce that you will air the second, final season of Life On Mars. The first season, which debuted this past year, was nothing less than the best new show to air on American television in 2006 ..... we've got to find out if Sam Tyler ever gets home!


spookyrach said...

Well, I haven't seen Life on Mars. But in the spirit of this whole issue: please, Please, PLEASE BBC-America - bring back Trailer Park Boys!

I loved them. I work with them every. single. day.

It was genius.


Jeff said...

spookyrach, I also enjoyed "Trailer Park Boys ..... I lived in a lot of trailer parks, the first seventeen years of my life, and got to know a lot of them ..... and play with their kids!

And how about "Robin Hood" ? Have you been following THAT series this season?