Monday, April 24, 2006

Best Wishes on Your Survival ... er, Anniversary ...

Best wishes to Jim at serontonirain, who is marking the one-year anniversary of his first virtual steps into the blogosphere. Jim is a fellow dang Yankee from back-east, living and writing in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, just an hour's drive - or so - down the road from where I used to hang out.

Thanks to Jimmy at
Sticky Doorknobs, Jim has had a chance to touch spiritual base with a lot of us here, in West Texas, and we're the better for it.

, any greetings sent his way should be E-greetings. Read his Friday post, and you'll understand.

And, speaking of Jimmy ... Best Wishes - albeit, belated - to him, as well. January marked the one-year anniversary of his foray
into the blogosphere ... an occasion also marked by a raising of the bar for quality and accountability of virtual writing and publishing.

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