Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Strike the Tents ...

In my own humble opinion, America lost a historian, writer, storyteller and gentleman of the highest order last night.

Civil War historian Shelby Foote dead at 88

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE (AP) - Novelist and historian Shelby Foote has died. He's best-known for his three-volume history of the Civil War, and his appearance on the PBS series about that war. Foote worked on the book for 20 years. He used a flowing, narrative style that let readers enjoy it like a historical novel. He once said, "Narrative history is the kind that comes closest to telling the truth." His widow says Foote died last night. The long-time resident of Memphis, Tennessee, was 88 years old.


Pancho said...

A great author, historian, former Army Officer [WWII] and a nice man. I was lucky to have had the chance to speak with him briefly at the reception in his honor when he spoke here in Midland.

Jeff said...

I agree with ALL of the above.

Re: his military service ... he was an artillery captain during the war ... discharged after a disagreement with his colonel ... he couldn't take sitting out the war, so he enlisted in the Marines ... he was told by his fellow recruits that a former Army Captain might make a good Marine Private ... TRUE story! :-)

Seriously, though, I think I'll go back and watch Ken Burns' series ... we can always read Foote, of course ... but to hear him TELL those stories ... now THAT's special.