Tuesday, September 14, 2010

AAAAGGGGHHH !!!, Pt. 2 .....

Everybody's a Lobo ... woof, woof ... WHAT? ... AGAIN?

Red Raiders soar past New Mexico, 52-17
By Mike Graham
Daily Toreador

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO - Special teams and a plethora of New Mexico mistakes aided Texas Tech footbal in a comfortable 52-17 victory Saturday. more ...

Forget the "could be" I used in last week's post ... this WILL be loooong season for my beloved alma mater, UNM ... oh, well ... I still have my other, even more favoritest college football program ... the Nittany Lions of Penn State ... huh? ... what's that? ... #1 Alabama rolls over #18 Penn State ... AAAAGGGGHHH !!!

Going Rogue? .....

A couple months back, I offered up this post about a poltical candidate in Oklahoma making effective use of a tie-in to a well-recognized brand to promote said candidate's name recognition with voters. But now, I think a political candidate in Delaware has taken that campaign idea to the next level by tying-in to a well-recognized face in American politics, to promote said candidate's recognition with voters.
Here's a shot of that candidate, taken today as she was heading into the polls. I was struck by her strong resemblance to Sarah Palin - one of the more-recognized faces in today's political scene. When I Google-Imaged the Delaware candidate's name, I came across several photos taken over the past couple of years, a sample of which are shown as insets in the laerger photo.

I think somebody advised her to 'go rogue' and strengthen her connections to someone who has definitely struch a chord with some voters.

Saturday, September 04, 2010


Everybody's a Lobo ... woof, woof ... WHAT? ...

No. 11 Oregon blows out New Mexico, 72-0
By Anne M. Peterson
Associated Press

EUGENE, OREGON - Kenjon Barner replaced suspended running back LaMichael James for No. 11 Oregon and ran for a career-high 147 yards and four touchdowns before catching another score in the Ducks' 72-0 season-opening rout of New Mexico on Saturday. more ...

This could be loooong season for my beloved alma mater, UNM