Sunday, February 06, 2011

Speaking of winners and losers ...

... Eric, atFire Ant Gazette picks the winning and losing ads from tinight's lineup.

No ...

... they can't. It's Green Bay's game, Green Bay's day, Green Bay's championship. "The Lombardi Trophy is going home," and there's something neat about that.

But there is no joy in the Steeler Nation tonight :-(

Whoo-Hoo 3!

Good thing I have a Terrible Towel, cuz I'm sweatin' bullets! Back-and-forth Pittsburgh scores a touchdown, then gets a two-point conversion. Then Green Bay takes it the other way, snd scores a field goal. Two minutes left ... one timeout left, and a great team on the other side of the ball. Can Pittsburgh drive 85 yards and score a touchdown?


For the third time tonight, a Pittsburgh turnover has resulted in a Packers touchdown. The Pack leads 17-28, and I'm getting worried. Let's go, Steelers!

How about the ads? Are THEY stepping up?

Eric, freshly fortified from halftime fare, is back at work atFire Ant Gazette. So how are ads shaping up in the second half ... we have some differences of opinion, Weigh-in for yourself.

Turning Into a Game

What did I expect of a Super Bowl involving two of the most storied franchises? Pretty much what I'm seeing now. An intense and physical struggle ... brilliance from both teams, and on both sides of the ball, exhileratinf plays and near-misses that are every bit as exhilerating ... and no sign that either team is relenting.

Whoo-Hoo 2!

FOX is right ... we've got game. The Steelers take their first possession of the second half, and score a touchdown! Packers still lead, though, 17-21. Time for the Steelers defense to step up.


I've been thinking that the NFL's decision to go with the Black Eyed Peas was a good one ... but I had no idea HOW good until tonight. It wasd a GREAT show, one of the best. Sure, some technical problems with sound and the floor lights in the Tron-inspted setting - but those were minor. Significant contributions from guest artists such as Slash and Usher, and no wardrobe malfunctions.

What appealed to me about the NFL's choice was that it was a break from selecting performers who may not have as strong an appeal for younger viewers as they do for older viewers. Not so the Black Eyed Peas, who have had a solid fifteen years ... including a strong preference among colleges producing Lipdub videos.


Less than two minutes left in the half, and the Steelers scored a touchdown! Packers still have a substantial lead, though, 10-21.


The Packers did it agaion! They intercepted Big Ben ... again! They get a thouchdown ... again! They now leaD 3-21. at some point, the Steelers need to settle down, and step up ,,, NOW would be a good time.


Into the second quarter, and the Steelers finally get onto the scoreboard with a field goal. Game's now 3-14 in favor of the Packers!


... all of which is quickly followed by Big Ben being picked-off, with the interception being returned for a touchdown ... Packers now lead 0-14. I EXPECTED special teams to have an impact ... but I WANTED it to be in the other direction!

How are the ads doing?

Eric at Fire Ant Gazette wraps-up the first quarter of ads. Check it out, and offer up your own views. My favorites? Chevy Silverado, Kia Epic Ride and "Cowboys and Aliens."


Less than four minutes to go in the first quarter, and the Green Bay Packers score a touchdown, and now lead 0-7. The ensuing kickoff return - 45 yards! - is then called back by a Pittsburgh penalty. C'mon Steelers!

A tip of the Terrible Towel ...

... to Eric at Fire Ant Gazette. Even the mosT tiresome aspects of the Super Bowl - the self-congratulatory promotions, the marketing, the latest spin on our National anthem - are all best seen from a fire ant's perspective!

Check it out!

A place I don't want to be ...

... is at the bottom of the pile struggling to reclaim a dropped ball! Both teams are really very good, and neither is here by fluke. Special teams play could be critical!

Packers retain possession ... Dang!


More than four-and-a-half hours after the pre-game sho started ... 34 minutes after the 'start' of the game ... and we have kickoff!


Thursday, February 03, 2011

A moment of hope on Egypt's troubled streets ...

Even as the situation in Egypt took a turn for the worse, as crowds of pro-Mubarak supporters took to the streets, and there was a rise in violent clashes with protesters calling on the country's president to step down, there emerged a singular moment ... and a cause for hope - small, but there nonetheless - for that troubled country's future.

"A pic I took yesterday of Christians protecting Muslims during their prayers." Posted by @NevineZaki on Yfrog