Thursday, December 29, 2011

Extraordinary Snowbirds

Here, in Texas, we have an annual influx of 'snowbirds' ... large masses of gente norteƱa fleeing the winter weather 'up north' to enjoy a season of clear skies and milder temperatures 'down south.' It's a long and time-honored tradition ... for many years, my great-grand-aunt and uncle made their own annual migration from Leisuretown, New Jersey down to the sun and surf of Florida. And it's also a tremendous economic boon to parts of Texas that enjoy an annual influx of cash in return for all things leisure - goods, services, opportunities, you name it.

Not all snowbirds travel to Texas by R.V. ... and it is THEY who provide US an opportunity, a chance to observe something not-often-seen in these parts of the U.S. Here's a shot I took of two extraordinary snowbirds in Llano County, Texas, this past week. Regular visitors in the process of raising a brood of future snowbirds.