Wednesday, July 07, 2010

It's good ... but, is it RIGHT?

A few weeks back, as I was traveling out-of-state, I came across a bit of political campaign advertising that struck me as a good idea ... very good, actually ... very clever.

But was it right?

Here's a snapshot I took, in passing, of a yard sign for a political candidate's campaign. I apologize for the quality of the photo ... but it serves to show how the candidate (or, at least, those in charge of his campaign's promotion), have made effective use of a tie-in to a well-recognized brand to promote their candidate's name recognition with voters.

Very effective, to say the least. Even those who might not remember said candidate's name, or political affiliation, or stands on various issues ... are not likely to forget the name of a VERY popular candy bar. We saw an example of name-recognition/tie-in by a political campaign here, in the Tall City, earlier this year ... but that effort pales in comparison to this one.

Also, our local effort did not raise any concerns, on my part, on propriety. There was no use of a nationally recognized (and copyrighted) brand, it's colors and its fonts. Was use of said brand done with the permission of the Hershey Company? I've been unable to get the answer to that question ... so, maybe it was.

The one-time promotions writer/producer in me tips his hat to this campaign. It's a good idea ... very good, actually ... very clever ... but, is it right?

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