Saturday, June 11, 2005

... and El Llanero on Line ...

Not long after I had published the previous post, noting that
Jessica's Well was going on hiatus, a new site, El Llanero, made its debut. In many ways, I think this will be a cut above the average weblog, and I'm genuinely excited to see it online.

The proprietor of El Llanero is Midland's Burr Williams. Already an accomplished presenter in person and in print, Burr is now bringing his presentation to the web, and we're all the better for it. While Odessa-Midland sites have brought some local color to the blogosphere, and observations from our experiences of the region ... none of us can match the depth and breadth of knowledge and experience Burr has in observing, recording and sharing its natural history.

In less than a week, Burr has already published posts placing some recent phenomena - like the rain we've been having, and the rodent die-offs from plague, and Africanized bees - in the context of the region and its history. He has also posted about legends of the Llano like Charlie Goodnight and Jesus Tafoya, and about the storytelling tradition.

These are topics of interest, and I hope they'll speak to us, the newest generations of Llaneros out there.

And besides, Burr has a magnificent beard ... and THAT is something in which many may dabble, and a few may seriously practice ... but, oh, us fortunate few who have mastered the hirsute art!

Also, I don't know the details, but it seems that Wallace, over at
Streams, deserves some credit for getting Burr online. Thanks, Wallace!


Pancho said...

I was recently asked to serve on the board of the Sibley Center, a position that I find most enjoyable, primarily because of Burr and the work he does. I thought Burr would be a perfect person for the Blogging format.

Besides the Blog, Eric S. will be assisting us in overhauling the Sibley Center website, which should be a wellspring of information!

Jeff said...

Wallace, you were absoluely right about Burr, and I'm glad to hear you're on the board at Sibley Center. Eric's contribution to their website should be substantial ... one could write a lengthy article about the work he's done getting the non-profit community onto the web ... hmmm, story idea?