Monday, January 31, 2011

Pop till you drop ...

Larry Knowles of AOL News isn't afraid to say it, and neither am I ... it is a true "pop" icon ... maybe even the greatest of all time. Happy Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, everyone!

"For the past 10 years, fans from around the country have been setting aside time on the last Monday in January to twist and stomp, often in unison, as they commemorate what's known as Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day," Knowles write in this post on AOL News. "The day, known as BWAD, was begun in 2001 by a couple of bored radio DJs in Bloomington, Ind., supposedly looking to fill the news void between Martin Luther King Day and the Super Bowl. During that first BWAD, the radio station held a 'Bubblympiad' that included events such as a Bubble Wrap popping relay and Pop-a-Mole."

And so, without further ado ... are you ready to pop till you drop ... or at least until midnight? If you don't have aby actual bubble wrap close to had, here's some virtual bubble wrap for you ... time's a-wastin,' so get a-poppin.'

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