Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's a Shame, Really ...

There are not enough fingers out there to count the many, many ways, big and small, that Christians are finding to share the Word of God, and the love of God, with others. It's a shame, really, that so much time and space - that ANY time and space - will be devoted to this expression of God's love from televangelist Pat Robertson.

Fortunately, there are other stories out there, about all kinds of efforts - both secular and faith-based - that are already on the scene and dealing with the terrible destruction, or rushing to Haiti's aid ...
First U.S. vessel arrives at Port-au-Prince
Pennsylvania pastor ‘expecting the worst’ at Haitian site
Americans flocking to help out in Haiti
Doctors Without Borders: Supplies and staff scarce
Haiti earthquake: How to help
Really, this is just a small sample ... find some of your own, and share them with others ... and urge THEM to spread the word and, maybe, contribute to relief efforts ... and help place contributions such as Robertson's in their proper perspective.


Anonymous said...

Does it please God when Christians criticize their brothers and sisters in the Lord?

Anonymous said...

To Anon:
Just because someone calls themselves Christian, doesn't mean they are a brother or sister in the Lord.

Defending someone who would utter such claims is rather... interesting of you.

Jeff said...

Anonymous 2, I don't know if Anonymous 1 WAS defending Robertson.

In the end, words and acts of genuine Christian - and humane - spirit will overshadow Robertson's words ... maybe even obilterate them.

Unknown said...

Lets pray for preacher Pat Robertson So that he can come out from such mind.
We must pray for Haitian So that they over such a massive disaster.