Friday, March 21, 2008

More Than One Interesting Topic .....

... for discussion might be found in the announcement from Santa Fe that New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, the nation's only Hispanic governor, is endorsing Sen. Barack Obama for president, calling him a "once-in-a- lifetime leader" who can unite the nation and restore America's international leadership. HERE is the complete story from

The discussion here, in the Permian Basin, should be especially interesting. Yes, there will be talk about the impact Richardson's endorsement may - or may not - have upon the Hispanic vote ..... and I suspect that will also be a big part of the national discussion.

But there is another point of local discussion that should be interesting ..... what impact this may - or, again, may not - have upon the energy industry. Richardson has served in a variety of government capacities at the state, federal and international levels, including U.S. Secretary of Energy. Those who have developed oil and gas properties in New Mexico during Richardson's tenure as governor there, might be willing to share their thoughts on what today's endorsement might bode for them.

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