Saturday, August 04, 2007

Careful What You Wish For .....

"OK, it's official. We've had plenty of rain. It can stop now. Please," wrote Eric, in this post at Fire Ant Gazette.

But that very night, as I was taking elder son to an indoor rec soccer game - navigating the stream bed that was once Garfield Street - we saw that the automatic sprinkler system at First Baptist was running full blast ..... short of washing your car, I can't think of a better way to bring rain than going out and giving your lawn a good soaking with the hose.

It will be interesting to see how this summer's utility bills compare to last summer's ..... pouring less water on the lawn, and using the air conditioner a lot less.

Another way to encourage a good thunderstorm is to host a huge outdoor rock concert ..... which is just what happens August 10-11, when
Rock the Desert 2007 kicks-off ..... good, dry luck to them, I mean it!

I've spent plenty of years in parts of the country that are this wet - or wetter! - as a matter of course. But the last thirty-plus years have been spent in the desert country of New Mexico and West Texas, and I've grown to like it ..... wouldn't mind seeing some of that dry weather again.

Saturday's off to a good start ..... I'm keeping my fingers crossed ..... and NOT washing my car!


Eric said...

we saw that the automatic sprinkler system at First Baptist was running full blast

Isn't it in the Gospel of St. Thomas where we find "God helps those who help themselves"? ;-)

[I was equally amazed at the number of homeowners whose sprinkler systems were running the next morning following the 4" of rain we got in our neighborhood. Despite the above average rainfall, water is still a precious commodity around here, not to mention expensive!]

Jeff said...

Eric, you're absolutely right, it IS precious ..... and I'm sure First Bap was FAR from the only location that could have turned off the systems for a few days ..... but that was the one I saw that night of the original post .....

And where do you get off quoting scriptures when discussing a church ??? !!! :-)