Sunday, August 05, 2007

Another Pappa in Cowtown .....

One of the advantages of visiting the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, is the opportunity to stop at one of the Pappas Restaurants for a meal. We have enjoyed both Pappasito's Cantina and Pappadeaux on previous visits.

Last week, on the north side of the interstate highway, in the 'museum district' west of downtown Fort Worth, crews were raising a sign over a new
Pappa's Burgers ..... the first, I think, outside of the Houston area. With the other two restaurants located next-door, and Trinity Park (and the Fort Worth Botanic Garden) just across the river - via a boulder bridge right below the restaurants - this looks to become another favorite stop of mine in Cowtown.


Eric Siegmund said...

I can see making a special trip to visit Pappadeaux, but do we really need another sandwich destination when we have daily access to the jalapeƱo burgers at Texas Burger?

That Janie Girl said...

Or the green chili burgers at Tampicos???

I love the Pappas restaurants but have a hard time going into the Pappasitos...after all, nothing tastes like our TexMex!

Jeff said...

Eric, not a special trip, but a good break from a day spent, for example, at Cook's Children's Hospital, or a chance to get out of the vehicle and stretch our legs enroute to Dallas, Frisco, etc.

Now, if they could just open up one of their 'Greek Kitchen' restaurants in DFW, or Austin ..... THAT would be a treat.

Janie, I think Pappasito's has good Tex-Mex, as far as chains, but I still prefer the fare at an independent, mom-and-pop restaurant ..... of course, I could say that for most restaurant fare.

That being said though ..... I'm still a big fan of New Mex-Mex, which leaves all Tex-Mex behind, IMHO.

spookyrach said...

You are such a heretic, Jeff! New Mex-Mex pales, PALES I TELL YA, in comparison to good Tex-Mex.

My husband likes to plan his vacation around a trip to the nearest Pappadeaux. Good stuff! (Although, I'm really not all that fond of the Papasito's mexican food. It's ok, but I get better stuff right here in Fake Cow County.)

Jeff said...

Spookyrach, like I said ..... good Tex-Mex, for a chain. I, personally would prefer Pappadeaux.

As for New Mex-Mex ..... I'm drawing a line in the sand, with Red Chile Powder!