Thursday, July 19, 2007

I Wonder .....

On the heels of an announcement from a group called The New 7 Wonders Foundation about the 'New 7 Wonders of the World' comes this post from Eric at Fire Ant Gazette, seeking your nominations for the 'Seven Wonders of West Texas.'

There were already plenty of good nominations for 'West Texas Wonders' by the time I checked in .... to those, I would like to add my own nominations for man-made wonders .....

1. The Chinati Foundation's main complex, on the old airbase grounds south of Marfa.

2. The complex of once-spring-fed pools and canals of Rooney Park, in Fort Stockton.

3. The Sibley (?) Mansion of Alpine.

4. Kokernot Field, also of Alpine.

5. The million-barrel oil tank outside of Monahans.

6. And the courthouses for Presidio, Jeff Davis, Crockett and Pecos counties.


spookyrach said...

I am shocked and sad to say I have been to none of these places. I'm printing this out for reference for the next time I'm down your way.

Jeff said...

Spookyrach, thanks for stopping in .... be sure to visit Eric at Fire Ant Gazette for a much more comprehensive list of nominees for West Texas' top natural and man-made wonders.