Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Comments de Tour de France, Partie Deux .....

The following was composed just before this report about Tour de France favorite Alexandre Vinokourov. Now come this report about Tour de France leader Michael Rasmussen. I am only getting around to publishing it now, and it will probably be my last post about the Tour de France.

A Tour without Lance has had plenty of competition, plenty of excitement, plenty of drama, plenty of appeal ..... TDF with Lance Armstrong was great ..... TDF without Lance Armstrong is great.

My family's visit to Santa Fe, New Mexico, last week included a bicycle trip for elder son and I, pedaling a pair of rented bikes up Cerro Gordo Road to the head of a canyon and a national forest, then down Canyon Road, back into town. The trip up was a bit of bike-and-hike for me ..... and I have a tremendous respect for how the TDF riders have handled the mountain stages of the race.

All in all, I think
Versus has done a great job covering the tour.

I think one of the hairiest jobs in sports would be driving the cars or motorcycles that accompany the riders along the race course.

Other sports associations, such as the National Basketball Association, have boasted about the physical and emotional closeness of the fans and the players ..... but that's NOTHING compared to the fans lining the route of the TDF ..... although I realize that closeness also has its drawbacks.

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