Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dang Books! .....

Great, just GREAT! I go and read a book ..... and now I have to read another ... and then another!

It started earlier this year, with a stop at
The Book Nook, a store for used books and records operated by The Friends of the Midland County Public Library . Completely by accident, I came across a copy of "Fifth Business" by Robertson Davies. I had only read one other book by Davies ("The Rebel Angels") ..... but what a read that was!

So, I bought "Fifth Business" and took it home ..... though I didn't get around to reading it for a few months ..... and what a read THAT was! Some have called it Davies' best novel ..... me? ..... I would put it behind "Rebel Angels." But it was certainly good enough to make me want to read more ..... and it looks like I'll have to ..... because it turns out "Fifth Business" is the first installment of Davies'
Deptford Trilogy.

I want to know what ultimately becomes of Dunstan Ramsey and Paul Dempster, and the legacy of Boy Staunton ..... and now I'll have to read two more books to find out.

Dang Books!

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