Saturday, March 05, 2005

New Popularity for Ol' Timey Music

A relatively brief posting today, as I must head once more into the storage unit in preparation for a garage sale ...

In a posting at "Sticky Doorknobs" over the weekend, Jimmy Patterson sings the praise of bluegrass music ... to which I can only add an off-key, though still heartfelt 'Amen.'

There are few styles of music that capture the American experience quite like bluegrass, with a combination of Old World influences and New World innovations and attitudes, leavened with a good dose of that ol' time religion and delivered without pretension, with a level of honesty that is as much a part of the music's appeal as the notes or the lyrics.

Fans of the music, and those curious and wanting to learn more about it, are strongly encouraged to tune-in Bill Myrick's "Silvergrass & Purple Sage" every Sunday evening, starting at six o'clock on KOCV-FM, 91.3

Myrick moved to Odessa in 1951, where for many years he hosted live radio and television shows featuring bluegrass and oldtime music. An evening includes recollections of that career as well as news for upcoming concerts and festivals in West Texas ... and plenty of good music, too.


Pancho said...

Did Myrick host the old "Hub Jamboree" on Saturday evenings? Sponsored by the Hub Furniture store in Odessa.

Jeff said...

Hmmmmm, I don't know. Can anyone out there help us out with that?