Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Hopeful, Prayerful Thoughts ...

While I visit Yellow Bug News each day, I can't really say I know its proprietor, Julie, a "Texas tap dancing cheerleader" and one-half of the Tall City's dynamic duo of blogging.

We have some things in common ... I know from her postings that we share an appreciation for books and coffee at Barnes & Noble, love for our children, and the friendship of Ed Todd. But I also know from those same postings that she and I would disagree - very strongly - on other things ... politics, the media, and a number of social issues.

We are ... people ... and God bless us all.

Which is why I hate to check out her 'schmooze you can use' and read the words, "there is a growth."

Those of you who are virtual acquaintances of Julie and Wallace, please visit
Yellow Bug News and Streams and say, 'Hello.' Julie has been asking for "war stories" from anyone who's been through the procedure before.

And here, in the real world, keep Julie and her family in your thoughts and your prayers. While you're at it, seek God's grace and comfort for all who suffer in some way ... He has plenty to go around.


Pancho said...

Thanks for your kind thoughts and comments! At least we're keeping some of the Patel's out of trouble!

Julie said...

Thank you Jeffrey. BTW, I love your tag line at the top (I think that's what you call it, maybe not) I believe that (the tag line) with all my heart! You're so kind to be concerned for and I appreciate it very much.

Your site is nice, too. Mind if I link you on the YBN?

Jeff said...

Julie, I would be pleased and honored to be linked on Yellow Bug News ... thank you!