Thursday, March 10, 2005

Looking Forward to a Break from Spring Break ...

We, the parents of school-age children in the Tall City and other communities across Texas are preparing for - or already in the midst of - one of the most challenging periods of the school year ... and it has nothing to do with the TAKS test.

No, it's Spring Break - a time for all of us to get a better appreciation of the remarkable job our teachers do in keeping a room full of kids occupied and focused, seven hours-a-day, five days-a-week.

I'm more fortunate than some parents in that I can send a great deal of my work home from the office, and post it to the web site from there. Of course, one still has to go into the office for things ... dubbing over audio/video components to accompany the text reports, coordinating with television news producers about topics for online polls and additions to our "Today's Links" feature, and sampling the delicious baked goods that show up in the newsroom some mornings.

Then it's back home, getting some work done, keeping an eye on the kids and keeping them occupied ... and, there's the rub ... keeping them occupied.

Chores take you part of the way ... but there's only so much laundry to be folded, so many dishes to be put away, so many toys to be picked up and so many beds to be made.

The weather has been a big help. Even by West Texas standards, it has been a clear and warm week, so far. And that means plenty of opportunities to get outside, run around the yard, ride bikes and shoot hoops. Taking the dog for longer walks than usual has been popular this week. The weather has been perfect, and I would like to personally thank Tom Tefertiller and the Stormtracker 9 staff for their part in bringing us all this perfect spring break weather! :-)

Of course, one hates to let all that free time get by without getting out their and doing stuff. Earlier this week, we spent part of the day at Monahans Sandhills State Park, picnicking and surfing the sand dunes. The return trip included a stop at Odessa's Meteor Crater, which now features a new visitors center ... well worth the visit. Tomorrow, it's off to Lubbock for the day.

All in all an eventful and enjoyable week. But me, personally, I can't wait until Spring Break is over ... I need a break!

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