Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Beautiful game inspires beautiful ads ...

Each year, enjoyment of American football's Super Bowl has come to include enjoyment of the ads, some of which are billed as special projects, drawing an inordinate amount of money, time end effort in order to produce a memorable promotion for one of the nation's largest (annual) television audiences.

On the Monday morning following the big game, there will be plenty of discussion of the big plays and the significant moments on the field. But there will also be some discussion - in both the actual and virtual worlds - of the ads, those that worked, those that clicked, those that made an impact ... and those that didn't.

Now, as we enjoy the World Cup, I'd like to note some of the ads that have stood out in the days leading up to the event, and in the early days of competition.

Advance promotions from ESPN have been VERY good, making excellent use of state-of-the-art technology, and capturing the spirit of the game and its worldwide appeal ...

... and once the competition was under way, ESPN/ABC trotted-out a good promotion for a single game that would have special appeal for American audiences.

Can't have a sporting event without an ad from Budweiser ... and this one is a great take on one of soccer's traditional displays of sportsmanship.

And you can't have a sporting event without an ad - or TWO! - from Pepsi ... which also deliver a LOT of humor.

Speaking of humor, here's a VERY funny spot from MTN

And finally, kudos to the shoe manufacturers. They are already well-branded on the field ... serious soccer enthusiasts cam not only relate a player's statistics, but also what brand/style of cleats he wears. For the rest of us, there are some entertaining spots during the commercial breaks. They include spots that build upon the myths and legends of the beautiful game, sometimes with humor, sometimes without.

Here's one from Nike ...

... and one from Adidas ...


Geo said...

And not one word about the vuvuzela! You are one tolerant fellow!

This is waaaaay off topic, but the movie "Buck Privates" is set to air again on TCM at 9:15pm central on TCM Tuesday 6/22.


Jeff said...

George, thanks for the heads-up on "Buck Privates!"

Re: the vuvuzela, it's just not that big a deal with me. Watching soccer games, one gets used to A LOT of noise in the stands ... cheering, chanting, clapping-and-stamping, brass and percussion instruments, you name it.

The vuviuzelas are nothing new, especially for anyone who watched last year's Confederations cup.

Wish I had one to take to last nights Sockers game :-)

Geo said...

Well, if you really must, you can buy them by the dozen through Amazon.com and pass them out to your team's fans. Better yet, pass them out to the opposition and enjoy the blowback.

Hopefully, no one will take the next logical step and attach a compressed air canister.