Wednesday, June 02, 2010

A fire ant's perspective ...

Just about everyone, everywhere, has had their say on the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. But IMHO, there are few gatherings of observers/punditz who could match the informed perspective of those found in our own oil patch.

One of those is Eric, proprietor of the
Fire Ant Gazette. In addition to some great photo essays, discussions on web design and reports from the front lines in his battle with mockingbirds, Eric has also weighed-in on various discussions stemming from the BP spill ... "Environmental Chic" and the Gulf Oil Spill , Gulf Oil Leak Perspective and Media Bias , Scattershooting on whether BP or the feds are better suited to plugging the leak and BP's Desperation.

It all makes for good reading ... and did I mention Eric also offers some great photo essays of birds and bunnies, sunsets and wildflowers?


Eric Siegmund said...

Jeff, thanks for the links. You're in danger of hurting your own credibility, but I appreciate it nonetheless. ;-)

Jeff said...

LOL ... that's a risk I'm willing to take ... at least, for you.