Friday, August 24, 2007

What Have We Here? .....

Earlier today, Eric at Fire Ant Gazette posted this about "the premier of what will apparently be an ongoing feature: Jimmy Patterson appearing live via webcam on the local CBS affiliate's early morning news show, pitching features appearing on the newspaper's website and in the current edition of the treeware version."

"I confess," he went on to say, "that I don't get it."

I am not involved in this collaborative effort ..... nor have I seen the broadcast to which he refers. So any comments I might make are purely speculative, and based upon Eric's observations ..... which I have come to respect over the years ..... Eric's observations, that is, NOT my speculations!

I think the effort's value - to both news producers and news consumers - may develop over time. That value may not be realized, at least not at first ..... the process might need some tweaking, the focus might need some adjustment ..... or 'the perfect story' for this feature may not yet have come up.

But I think the value of a collaborative, genuinely-reciprocal effort between print/on-air/online media is already established. I was part of such an effort once, and though that relationship did not end amicably, it did establish a new medium for news and information, and unprecedented opportunities in this market for both news producers and news consumers.

I share Eric's interest in the "back story" and "financial or promotional considerations." As we approach October, 2007, I have thought of posting something on news stories, technology and money, and their impact on creating/reinforcing the leadership of a particular medium - or a particular outlet in that medium - in the market.

One thing I can say that is not speculative, is that Jimmy will probably take Eric's feedback - and that of others - into serious consideration ..... and we may not, as yet, have seen the final product.


Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to your post on news stories and the money.

Anonymous said...

I believe Benjamin Franklin said:

"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do."

Now, I'm not IN ANY WAY trying to call Eric a fool. Please don't take it that way.

What I am saying is that it is easy to find fault.

The Internet has been a large disruptive force in the Newspaper business, and to a lesser degree the Television business.

For decades TV and Newspaper have essentially maintained a status quo.

I think these types of collaborations are the direct result of the disruption caused by the Internet, and the effort to respond.

I didn't see the broadcast, but based on Eric's no doubt accurate description (resolution issues, etc.), improvements need to be made.

However, I would applaud the efforts of the two media players for collaborating and trying to create something. Even if it never turns into a huge success, I'm sure valuable lessons will be learned.

It takes some guts to try something new in front of a large audience.

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" - Wayne Gretsky

Credit is deserved for taking a shot. And who knows, maybe it will end up being a winner once it matures.

DISCLAIMER: Although I have nothing to do with this collaborative project between CBS7 and MRT, Midland Reporter-Telegram is a client of mine.

Jeff said...

Geo, it will be my anniversary tribute to the 'McClure' Rescue story ..... I expect a lot of folks will do something about it this year.

Justin, I think Eric was making the point that, while past collaborations - such as the old, a joint effort of the MRT and NewsWest 9 - had apparent and genuine value from the start, such is not the case with this particular effort ..... at least not yet.

I agree with you that "maybe it will end up being a winner once it matures" and then again, maybe it won't ..... only time and development will tell.