Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Shout-out to YouTubers ...

I know ... I know ... I'm ranting ... but stick with me, here.

Let's face it, the web has grown to a size, a reach and a complexity that makes it a force to be reckoned with in the course of public debate. Every now and then, some denizen of the web delivers a well-deserved smackdown to someone else who insists on delivering wit ... especially when said wit is a figment of their own imagination.

Take Newt Gingrich ... PLEASE (rim shot)

No, seriously, take Newt Gingrich as an example of my rant. According to
this report in mywesttexas.com, "speaking at ORU’s Mabee Center, Gingrich mocked environmental concerns." Okay, I'm cool with that, I've been mocked by far better people that Newt for my environmentalism. But he couldn't leave it there. Gingrisch, the report goes on to state, "received a standing ovation for saying, 'You can’t put a gun rack in a Volt.'”

Which brings us to YouTuber jtmcdole, who begs to differ with the gentleman (smirk) from Georgia.

Way to go, jt!

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