Sunday, February 05, 2012

Is it me, or ...

... was one of my favorite Super Bowl ads also a political plug? Overall, a pretty good selection of ads in tonight's broadcast ... some variations on a theme from last year (Doritos, e-trade), some variations on an even older theme (Ferris Bueller/Honda), some whose attraction continues to elude me (Go Daddy), and some that I liked a lot more than most of the others. One of those was Chrysler's tribute piece featuring Clint Eastwood ...

I liked everything about the spot ... well scripted and well-shot, and a wonderful job of editing and audio-mixing in the post. I'm guessing that the credits for this spot would include some of the same names as Chrysler's spot (with Eminem) in last year's Super Bowl ... which was my favorite spot in THAT broadcast.

But even before the spot hand ended, I was wondering if "the second half" was alluding to a second four-year term for President Obama. And I've noticed that this same line of thought has already been popping up elsewhere on the net.

What do you think?

By the way my other favorite spots included Chevy/Apocalypse ... of course, I can hardly be objective about THAT. And I'm definitely going to hang on to my Chevy pickup until 2012 is over and done with!

... and I absolutely LOVED the way this Budweiser-Canada spot made me feel! I just wish Budweiser would have aired this during the U.S. Super Bowl broadcast instead of that 'eternal optimism' spot.


Rob said...

I'm a huge Clint Eastwood fan, but he messed up on this one! Is this the same guy who (rightfully) Obama's 2009 bailout of the auto industry and is known for his libertarian views and support of the Republican party?

I was against using taxpayers' money to bailout a private company that had refused to innovate or change with the times. By some estimates, we took a loss of as much $6.4 billion on Chrysler's (second) governmental bailout.

The commercial was a well-done feel-good spot, but that it glorified Chrysler as a business success really sits wrong with me. And while I may just be reading too much into this, there also seemed to have been a subtle implied pitch for Obama's second term tucked in there.

Jeff said...

Rob, thanks for the input. I, too, am a fan of Eastwood's, and you know his wonderful performance in "Gran Torino" had contribute to this spot's impact.

Much as I love his work, I don't really know much about his politics. Yes, he is a Republican ... but I guess it's the more moderate variety ... like former California Governor Schwarzenegger, maybe?