Monday, March 07, 2011

My first - and last - visit to the "Herd Rock Band Bracket"

Wednesday evening is 'church night' for some of us, and you'll find me attending "The Gathering" at First Prez-Midland each Wednesday night, enjoying a shared meal, fellowship and a variety of activities ... sometimes choir practice, sometimes Bible study, sometimes a worship service ... and sometimes, an intense discussion of contenders for the title "Best Rock Band" ... e-vuh!

I think it was Greg Pysh - who heads music ministry at FPC-M, and is an adjunct professor of music at Midland College - who raised the topic of "The Herd Rock Band Bracket" where, we are told "Colin Cowherd and The Herd with Colin Cowherd staff need your help crowning the best rock band." There were a number of us who had listened to at least a little rock over the years - many of us spinning 45s on a turntable, way back when - and we soon had the liveliest table talk in the fellowship hall.

Hmmmm ... what WOULD Jesus listen to?

This morning, I finally got around to visiting the bracket's website, and started ticking-off my votes in each of the 32 match-ups. Some were pretty easy ... I picked the Rolling Stones over Blink 182, and U2 over Korn. Others were harder ... I had a hard time deciding between The Jimi Hendrix Experience, which opened my eyes to new paths that rock might take, and Electric Light Orchestra, which produced my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE cover of "Roll Over, Beethoven."

So far, so good ... until I had gotten to the end of the selections and realized that MY personal favorite rock band - Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band - was missing from the list. What the ... ?!?!?!

Let me explain why this upset me ... I don't necessarily think they would win the contest. I mean, look at the four #1 seeds ... the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, U2, Led Zeppelin ... all of whom I consider strong - or stronger - contenders. I guess what upset me the most was that Springsteen's band didn't even make it into the initial field of 64 ...

It ain't right, man!

And that's why I've paid my first - and last - visit to the "Herd Rock Band Bracket."


Eric Siegmund said...

Well, not to mention that they've got The Jackson 5 listed in a competition of "hard rock bands." Pthhtph. Chicago, Creedence, Deep Purple, Cream, or ZZ Top. Double pthhhtphihph.

Jeff said...

Eric, you're ABSOLUTELY RIGHT on ALL counts. The inclusion of Jackson 5 also caught my attention ... a popular group, sure ... but 'rock band?' I also felt the same way about Earth, Wind & Fire, and Bob Marley & the Wailers ... both group's I've enjoyed ... but rock bands?

And ditto on the exclusions ... one could go on and on. One can only wonder what criteria were used to determine candidates for the title of "Best Rock Band" ... porovided The Herd even used something so formal as criteria, or standards in preparing this bracket.

Ah, well.

Eric Siegmund said...

Say, you don't suppose they INTENTIONALLY did that stuff to make bloggers with too much time on their hands get into discussions about it? Nah, surely not... ;-)

Jeff said...

Hmmmmm ... you may be on to something there. It has generated some discussion here, as well as the Philly-area blog I contribute to ... method to their madness ... hmmmmm