Friday, March 04, 2011

Midland kids go nationwide

You don't have to tell me what a great job is being done by "Coach" Curt Cowdrey and the students in San Jacinto Hunior High School's "Robotics Program" ... it's something I've experienced first-hand through Younger Son's participation when he was a student at SJ. But now more people are finding out, thanks to a report from KOSA-TV/CBS 7, that has since gone nationwide - and beyond! - with that story being picked up by CNN

MAJOR hat-tip to Coach Cowdrey and the kids at SJ Robotics!


Eric Siegmund said...

I saw this on KOSA, but it's very cool that it's been picked up by CNN. Good stuff!

Jeff said...

Eric, thanks for stopping in. Good stuff, indeed! We have all met - or had - teachers who go abovge-and-beyond in their efforts to not just educate kids, but to inspire them, challenge them. Curt Cowdrey is one of those teachers and I feel blessed to have had both my boys in his class.