Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Going Rogue? .....

A couple months back, I offered up this post about a poltical candidate in Oklahoma making effective use of a tie-in to a well-recognized brand to promote said candidate's name recognition with voters. But now, I think a political candidate in Delaware has taken that campaign idea to the next level by tying-in to a well-recognized face in American politics, to promote said candidate's recognition with voters.
Here's a shot of that candidate, taken today as she was heading into the polls. I was struck by her strong resemblance to Sarah Palin - one of the more-recognized faces in today's political scene. When I Google-Imaged the Delaware candidate's name, I came across several photos taken over the past couple of years, a sample of which are shown as insets in the laerger photo.

I think somebody advised her to 'go rogue' and strengthen her connections to someone who has definitely struch a chord with some voters.


Damien Franco said...

Wow...that seems like a pretty cheap way to gain recognition doesn't it?

What ever happened to letting policy and substance guide the voters?

Who needs a track record when you can just look like someone else who's more famous than you?

Eric Siegmund said...

You guys should go ahead and continue to assume that all conservatives and Tea Party voters are expressing their opinions based on such shallow criteria. It makes the upcoming election results all the more amusing.

Jeff said...

Eric, my post was not the result of a comprehensive search ... just something I stumbled across. If it had been a liberal looking like Obama, I'd have gone with that.

And whether we like it or not, my friend, there ARE people out there, of all social leanings and poltical affiliations, who DO base their vote on such shallow criteria.

Eric Siegmund said...

Jeff, I was really directing my reply more to Damien's comment than your post, which I took to be as much tongue-in-cheek as anything else.

If you caught O'Donnell's interview on The Today Show this morning, you know that she's well-spoken, focused, and attuned to her electorate. Whether she can beat the Democratic opponent is subject to conjecture. But, in any event, *I* didn't see a resemblance to Palin, either in the photos you posted or the interview this morning.