Sunday, July 27, 2008

Somehow, "Thanks!" Doesn't Seem Adequate .....

... but there it is, nonetheless ... "THANKS!" to everyone who did their part is making Blogging for Fair Havens such a success. As of this morning, the 24-hour event had raised $10,554 (and counting) for the local transitional housing facility, exceeding the goal that had been set while the blogathon was in its planning stages.

... so, for lack of a better word, "THANKS!" ...

Thanks to Jimmy of
Sticky Doorknobs, who organized this year's event.

Thanks to the members of West Texas' blogging community who provided virtual and actual support for this year's event - Jimmy, J.P. of
Bleu Chocolate, Wallace of Streams, George of Sleepless In Midland, Janie of Sounding Forth and Ospurt of Opus Musings and Jessica's Well.

Thanks to Eric at
Fire Ant Gazette. It is Eric who provided the original inspiration and direction for this annual event, and is deserving of some of the credit for this year's success.

Thanks to all the media for their participation - television, radio, newspaper ... they were all represented at some point or another during the blogathon, and doing their part to raise awareness and funds.

Thanks to the Fair Havens staff and volunteers who supported our efforts and contributed so much of the sweat equity needed to build a successful fundraising effort.

And A VERY BIG THANKS to the people of West Texas - and beyond! - who dug down and contributed $10,554 (and counting) to this year's blogathon. "Thanks!" hardly seems adequate for acknowledging how the donors came through ... but there it is, nonetheless.


Anonymous said...

Pretty amazing. There are some fantastic people is this town.

Jeff said...

George, on THAT point, we are in COMPLETE agreement.

Eric Siegmund said...

Jeff, we just returned to Midland from a long weekend in the Hill Country, and I'm not surprised to see that the event was a big success. Congratulations to all who participated!

And thank you for the recognition of my comparatively humble efforts a few years ago, but I can't take any of the credit for the way this event has evolved.

Anonymous said...

Jeff, too often innovators get forgotten. Thanks for reminding us that it was Eric who brought the concept to town and who had the guts to get out there and do something no one else here had done.

Jeff said...

Eric, but "there it is, nonetheless," my friend.

George, exactly!