Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A New Addition to West Texas' Blogroll .....

... comes from Todd Wyrick, Minister of Youth at First Presbyterian Church of Midland. "Postcards from the Edge" will provide an online journal of FPC's 2008 summer program, especially journeys by our youth as they travel Texas and the United States in service and ministry, in fellowship and fun.

The first of these journeys is the 2008 Son Servants Mission that is taking thirty junior high students and five adult leaders to New Orleans for the purpose of participating in the Katrina relief effort, as part of
Youth Conference Ministries.

"We ask for your prayers over the course of this journey," Todd writes in the blog's initial post. "We’re looking forward to a great time getting to invest lots of time in our students outside the comfort zone of their daily lives. Pray that God will give us wisdom to respond to his Spirit moving in the lives of all of our students. Pray that we will be able to minister to all of our students with love and grace and that they will continue to grow in their knowledge of Jesus Christ and his love for them. Pray that our students would continue to see more and more about how the church cares about them simply because they are breathing!"

"Welcome to the journey," he concludes. "Glad to have you along for the ride!!!"

For myself, I would like to ask ... won't you please consider adding Postcards to your blogroll? And won't you please add a visit to Postcards to your daily (sorta-daily, weekly, whatever) blog routine to keep up-to-date on Todd and the kids, and post comments? ..... Thanks!

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