Friday, December 08, 2006

And, Speaking of That Generation ...

The concept of hospitality - the notion of welcoming someone, and sharing your roof and your table to make them comfortable - is incredibly old ... it's nearly universal ... and it's guided, in part, by our most enduring documents of social conduct and divine scripture.

Not to mention the fact, it's just plain fun.

Earlier this week, a band of virtual acquaintances gathered for an actual encounter, over lunch, at the Italian Village Restaurant ... fellow Tall City bloggers Wallace Craig of
Streams, Eric Siegmund of Fireant Gazette and Jimmy Patterson of Sticky Doorknobs, myself and NewsWest 9 friend Daryl Ward. Accounts of that gathering - in words and pictures - have been posted by Eric and Wallace.

The occasion for our gathering was
the passing of Wallace's dad, Wally Craig, and getting our friend away - for a little while, at least - from the hectic, swirling pace of conflicts and commitments, comings and goings, thoughts and emotions that accompany the passing of a loved one.

With that in mind, it's not surprising that talk around the table included stories about Wallace's dad - and Jimmy's, and Eric's, and Daryl's, and my own - and the impact they have/had on our lives.

All had served in the United States armed forces.

All had raised their sons to get a good education.

All of us had lives that included faith and church.

And all of our dads had crafted (or are still crafting) a legacy of which their sons are very proud, and happy to share with one another ... sometimes with a sigh, or even a tear ... other times with a smile, or a laugh.

Let's do it again, sometime ...


Pancho said...

Well said, and a pleasure to meet, finally, in reality. Thanks for the idea....and for lunch. Again soon I hope.

Geo said...

Loved your photo!