Saturday, February 11, 2012

Keep Mike in your prayers ...

According to this report from KOSA-TV, news anchor Mike Barker continues to recover from his cancer surgery at M.D. Anderson in Houston. "We are told that he is up and walking today," said the report on Thursday.

You can also follow Mike's progress
on his wife Shelley's Twitter page.

If you had to pick an elder statesman of West Texas television news, Mike would have to be one of the candidates. He was already an established presence here when I started working the local market in the late 80s. I worked as a writer and production assistant at KMID-TV/Big 2 News, while Mike was the station's lead anchor - the point man for what was then the dominant #1 news station in the market. Both of us have moved to other stations, other media over the years - and have even spent some time out of journalism altogether. But our friendship has lasted for 25 years now - and that's something I cherish.

He remains on my prayer list, as does Shelley, their family and friends, and the medical professionals in charge of Mike's care. Get well soon, Mike ... we miss you!

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