Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Get Behind Me, Rhetoric ... I'm Goin' to the Polls!

The polls in most of Texas close in about two hours. A cause of relief for some ... but not for me, who now gets to spend most of the coming night at his 'day job.'

Still, though, I love to do it ... I especially love trying to do it better than the other kids around the block, here, in West Texas. Hope I do it tonight ... wish me luck!

Went and voted. I don't have a bumper sticker that says, 'My Boss is a Jewish Carpenter.' But I can say, I hope, 'my governor is a Jewish singer-songwriter-author-pundit.'

Who did you vote for? I don't care ... Did you vote? I do care ... I hope you did, and I hope you voted well. If you're angry with the way things are, I hope your vote reflects that. At the same time, if you're happy with the way things are, I hope your vote reflects that. Just vote, for crying out loud!

I declined the offer of a 'purple thumb' sticker at the polls. When one considers what Iraqis experienced on election day there, in order to get their purple thumb - and when you consider what they continue to experience to this day - I consider the idea of me waving a purple thumb around more-than-a-little presumptuous.


Eric said...

They didn't offer me a purple thumb! Not that I would have taken it -- I'm with you on this -- but I still would have liked the offer, if only so I could turn it down.

The guy in line behind me did demand a paper ballot, by the way. I used the machine, for the experience since I'd never seen one, but the lack of a paper trail still bothers me a lot.

Jeff said...

Eric, your concern about the lack of a paper trail is, I believe, a valid one .. it's one that's been raised from the time electronic balloting was first proposed, and is still raised today ... proponents of electronic balloting have dismissed those concerns (or, actually, dismissed those who raise the concerns), but have not disproven or refuted them to my satisfaction ...